[roch-pm] How to make Win32 Registry Queries from Unix

Brian Mathis bmathis at directedge.com
Sun Jul 8 22:35:27 CDT 2001

Redman, William wrote:

> I am looking for a way to query the Win32 Registry for information.
> Specifically, 
> I want to determine if I can collect printer information from the registry
> to
> distribute among the Unix servers we have.
> I have looked into the CPAN site, and found the Win32 modules. The queries I
> would like
> to initiate from the Unix side.
> Thanks.

For some of our machines at work we have an 'rsh' service running on the NT 
box.  Once that's there, you can remotely execute anything you want on the 
machine, like a perl script or something to query the printers :)

Brian Mathis
Direct Edge

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