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Hello perl.com subscribers,

I'm Schuyler Erle, developer for the O'Reilly Network. I'm
sitting in for Mark-Jason Dominus this week. Here's what's new
in the world of Perl ...

* Perl News

It's that time of year again, folks! The Perl Conference 5 Call
for Participation has gone out. Send in your proposals for tutorials,
presentations, and papers for the Conference, which will be held
this year in San Diego from July 23-27, 2001. More information can
be found at:


In other news, work on Perl 5.6.1 continues unabated. This week, we
are pleased to report that Unicode support has been declared stable
for future versions.

* What's New on the Site?

This week, Dennis Taylor and Jeff Goff present an introduction to
event-driven programming in Perl, using TPC's "Best New Module"
winner of 1999: POE, the Perl Object Environment.


Finally, Simon once again weighs in with the latest and greatest in
Perl mopery and hackery with his p5p report.

Many thanks to you! We now return you to your regularly scheduled

Schuyler D. Erle
schuyler at oreilly.com

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A Beginner's Introduction to POE
Interested in event-driven Perl? Dennis Taylor and Jeff Goff show
us how to write a simple server daemon using POE, the Perl
Object Environment.

Article: Beginners Intro to Perl - Part 6
Doug Sheppard shows us how to activate Perl's built in security

Article: What every Perl programmer needs to know about .NET
A very brief explanation of Microsoft's .NET project and why it's

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