[Rio-pm] Final Plan: changed! (was Re: possible trouble with location)

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn em stonehenge.com
Terça Julho 5 15:27:18 PDT 2011

>>>>> "Tiago" == Tiago Peczenyj <tiago.peczenyj at gmail.com> writes:

Tiago>  Bip Bip, then Serdani, then Hotel Debret Bar => looks like "Raiders
Tiago> of the lost pub"

One more last minute change.  I talked to the manager of the apartment,
and he strongly suggests we avoid these nearby bars and go 3.5 blocks
north to

    Lanchonete Xexéu‎
    Rua Aires Saldanha, 21
    Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22060-030, Brazil
    (0xx)21 2548-7353

It should be open by now, but as a fallback, a half block north from
there is Belmonte, and I know they are open all day and have lots of

We'll have Xexeu to ourselves, most likely.

So the plan is, Xexeu unless it's closed, then Belmonte.

But the problem is how to notify people who are in transit?

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