[Qatar-pm] Linux(Ubuntu to be precise) users.

Yazan Bakwer thanks_swim at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 9 07:09:40 PDT 2008

Alright, I have recently received my requested copy of of the latest release of Ubuntu((8.04 LTS)a Linux distribution) from the UK. And the problem as it always have been known that Linux and Speedtouch 330(THOMSON brand - DSL modem) doesn't seem to work well together.
So, since the majority of the members in this group are interested in computers(I think....), I thought a great number of you guys would have some ideas to do with it and maybe even solutions!
My question is: Well, OK, I really do want someone to inform me if Ubuntu ever worked with them while they were using DSL modem - speedtouch 330, and if so, is there any specific tutorial that might help me/us?
Please do answer the question after an experience you have gone through, and not research or resources amongst the internet.
An answer to this question would REALLY be appreciated. Since I gave up 6 months ago, while failing to accomplish  connecting to the internet running on Ubuntu(gave me a really hard time).

P.S: Yes, I did ask on IRC channels, I did search the forums and even asked them, but no use. So please don't ask me to go search.

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