[Purdue-pm] Perl 5.36 released

Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Mon Jun 13 05:39:52 PDT 2022

Purdue Perl Mongers (Perl Users Group),

Perl 5.36 has been released.  See

The new
    use 5.36;
command automatically does
    use strict;
    use warnings;
The new Perl has lots of other changes.

Most recent Perl 5.xx versions have borrowed ideas from Raku (formerly
known as Perl 6).  Raku has lots of ideas that aren't implemented in
Perl 5.36 yet.  I use Raku for all new code that only I run.  Big
Problem with Raku: all of the code in the Comprehensive Perl Archive
Network hasn't been converted to Raku.  There are workarounds to use
Perl 5 code in Raku but I don't use them because they aren't Rakuish
enough to suit me.

Raku is a total redesign and rewrite of Perl from the ground up.  In my
opinion the language design is _much better_.  Perl 5 and Raku don't use
the same syntax.  I recommend using Raku unless there is some reason you
want to use Perl 5.

Using Perl 5 and Raku is mentally harder than using one language because
you'll need to know the Pel 5 syntax and the Raku syntax for the ways in
which they differ.

Though you might be interested.    -mark

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