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Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Thu Oct 15 15:25:37 PDT 2020

|  Mark,
|  Ah great to hear! Can't find many local folks who use Perl these days
|  and online info isn't always the greatest either.
|  I've only ever used Perl 5 and mainly one-liners on *nix
|  systems. Recently decided to start putting more effort into programming
|  in general and wanted to use Perl as a nice mix between Bash and
|  C. Seemed to be what a lot of folks were comparing Perl to (again online
|  inform so forgive me if that's a bad analogy).
|  Any suggestions on practice problems or challenges worth working on? I
|  like the "solve problems relevant to you" mentality but sometimes have
|  trouble coming up with my own challenges.
|  Rob

I agree that Perl is a nice mix of Bash and C.  I only write
bash functions for simple shell things.  For programming in general,
and not just shell things, I recommend using Perl (or better yet,
Raku, formerly known as Perl 6).

For problems I recommend

Think about things you can automate in your workflow and implement them
if you have time.

Write a program to sum the numbers 1 to n in an efficient way.
Clue, for n = 100: 1+100 = 101, 2+99 = 101, ... .

Write a program to evaluate a perl expression and print the answer.
Clue: eval statement.  Build a macro processor that can be extended
arbitrarily with Perl.


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