[Purdue-pm] List activity

Mark Senn mark at ecn.purdue.edu
Thu Oct 15 06:55:49 PDT 2020

Rob Turner <turne349 at purdue.edu> wrote on 12:52+00:
|  Greetings everyone,
|  Recently found out Purdue had a Perl mailing list. I haven't seen any
|  activity thus far so thought I'd send out a message to see if the list
|  is even active anymore?
|  Rob

Hi Rob,

Yep, we're active---just not a lot of traffic.  I use Perl 5 and Raku
(previously known as Perl 6) every day at my job at the Engineering
Computer Network.  Use Raku more than any other language for general
programming---use Mathematica for technical programming when the math,
graphics, or interfacing with curated data is easier in Mathematica than


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