[Purdue-pm] example Raku program

Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Sat Nov 30 21:27:09 PST 2019

Purdue Perl Mongers,

I like using IBM Plex fonts the best and suggest you give them a try.
Here are some of the characters that look quite different in Plex:
{} [] <> () l1  0O
If those look too similar in your font you may want to change.

Raku was formerly known as Perl 6.

The Perl Weekly Challenge 035 involves converting from plain text to
Morse Code binary encoded text files and back.  I wrote a Raku module
that handles the encoding and decoding and short encode.p6 and decode.p6
programs.  Comments in the code starting with # are ordinary comments.
Comments in the code starting with ## describe the Raku language syntax
and semantics.  The files are linked to from
If you look at them on the web they may not show the correct Unicode
characters in them.  But, you should be able to get an idea of how the
programs work.

If you download them and look at them in a terminal window using the IBM
Plex Mono Regular font you should see the same glyphs (printed
representations of characters) that I do.  I spent a long time
"shopping" for a font with the features Plex has and have been very
happy with it.  The more I learn about Raku the better I like it.


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