[Purdue-pm] Perl 5 Dispatch Tables

Joe Kline gizmo at purdue.edu
Tue May 28 11:17:17 PDT 2019


I'm not sure how a typical dispatch table is violating DRY.

What I typically do is something like:

my ($dispatch_table) = create_dispatch_table($config_info_if_needed);

sub create_dispatch_table ($config) {
  my $dispatch = {
  'thing_one' => \&thing_one,
  'thing_two' => \&thing_two,

I typically don't have some subs I'm calling but directly calling an
anonymous sub go in there without creating a defined sub.

I have been using the table something like:

$key = q(some token or task based on a keyword);

if ( exists $dispatch->{$key} ) {
  ($some_ref) = $dispatch->{$key}->($key, $some_arg, $another_arg, $baz);

As near as I can detail I'm not using the same code over again in a copy
and paste fashion.

The only repeating is the variable name the table is hanging out in and
maybe the key used to call the associated sub ref.


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