[Purdue-pm] Damian Conway's "Why I love Perl 6"

Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Mon May 27 12:45:44 PDT 2019

for Damian's short very article about Perl 6.

He is by far my favorite Perl speaker.

You may find his talk at
(skip to 8:25 for the meat of the talk) interesting.
It describes how to [inpractically ---mark] implement some Perl 6
ideas in Perl 5.  If you don't what
    my $n = 2;  print "$n";  $n = $n + 1;
does in Perl 5 and don't know what object oriented programming is
you won't be able to actively understand the talk.  I've
stolen things in his presentation style to use in my talks.


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