[Purdue-pm] my Perl Weekly Challenge 012 answer, etc.

Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Sun Jun 16 14:32:44 PDT 2019

for my blog entry about solving the Perl Weekly Challenge 012
problems using Perl 6.

In Perl 6 one can type ``[op] @array'' to do ``@array[0] op @array[1] op
@array[2] ...' where op can be +, -, *, eq (string equality), lt (string
less than), etc.  In a two-dimensional array @part, ``[eq] @part[*;2]''
checks if every element in the third column (columns are numbered
starting at zero) of @part are the same.

The following Perl 6 code
    my @a = <<1 2.1 3 2.2 5 2.3 7 2.4 9>>;
    my @b = @a[1,3...*];
    say ([+] @b)/@b.elems;
prints 2.25, the average of all odd elements of @a.  If "*"
isn't used in a multiple context, you can read it as "whatever"
and it usually makes sense.

I'm working on many partway done blog entries including
    Finding without searching: finding word ladder puzzle
    solutions using matrix arithmetic
    How to check your math homework [intended for grades
    K through PhD and especially first-year Engineering
    Students at Purdue]
I still need to make a blog table of contents and index.

Anthony J. Smith gave a "Using WordPress" talk at the Purdue Perl
Mongers meeting on Wednesday, June 12, 2019.  He's the author of
"Working With WordPress" at https://www.officialajsmith.com/blog/.  The
first paragraph there is
    Have you ever wanted to setup a WordPress site, but don't want to
    use WordPress.com or an expensive paid host ? Well you have come to
    the right place. In this article I will go over how to setup a
    WordPress site on Google Cloud.

Mark Senn, Software Engineer, Engineering Computer Network, Purdue University

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