[Purdue-pm] (no subject)

Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Mon Sep 17 06:12:58 PDT 2018

Perl 6 is Perl 5 redesigned and rewritten from the ground up but it
still feels like programming in Perl 5.  In my opinion, Perl 6 is a much
better language than Perl 5---Perl 5 is more mature now but if Perl 6 has
all the packages you need I suggest you start using it to get familar
with it.

An easy-to-read, description of "How subroutine signatures work in Perl
6" for beginners is available at

It's easy to read, not too long, and covers basic knowledge one needs to
define their own Perl 6 subroutines.

For me, the best way to learn Perl 6 has been by reading articles like
the above.  The knowledge is bite-sized, gives you enough to do simple
things, but doesn't cover all the material a reference manual does.
Perl 6 is powerful---it is hard to try and learn everything at once.


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