[Purdue-pm] This has to be a thing in sed or something that I just didn't know, right?

Dave Jacoby jacoby.david at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 13:56:47 PDT 2018

I know grep gives you the lines and line numbers

  grep jacoby -sil *

But what if you wanted to match them and just them? Like, for example, you
wanted to pull all the perl scripts out of your crontab?

crontab -l | match -r '([\w\.\/]*.pl)'

Which you can then sort or sort -u to just see those files.

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict ;
use warnings ;
use utf8 ;
use feature qw{ postderef say signatures state } ;
no warnings qw{ experimental::postderef experimental::signatures } ;

use Getopt::Long ;

my $regex ;
    'regex=s' => \$regex
exit unless defined $regex;

my @output;
while (<STDIN>) {
    push @output , $_ =~ m{$regex}gmix;
say join "\n", @output;

If there's a regular thing and I just never learned the right Unix-fu, I'd
love to know.

Dave Jacoby
jacoby.david at gmail.com

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