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Dave Jacoby jacoby.david at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 09:12:36 PDT 2017

Tomorrow, from 5:30 to 7pm, is our next meeting.

Topic on the Meetup page is "TBD".


Simply stated, Joe and I could not come up with a topic. I blame myself.

Well, I blame him more, but I do blame myself. ��

I can think of two topics of discussion that I think would be valuable to
us going forward:

* Discussing topics of interest that could be scheduled through the end of
the year. Last year we did Starship Mongers for our December meeting, and I
think that could work again, but this leaves October and November.

* Tomorrow is Programmers' Day. I don't want to swing it into a PD
celebration (that's more what Open Source Food & Chat is for), I think that
a discussion about the elements of programming, including tooling,
workflow, flow state, and ergonomics, would be informative.

This is not meant to be exhaustive, and as always, if there's a topic
you're dying to talk about, we're open.

BTW, please RSVP for Food & Chat if you're coming.

Dave Jacoby
jacoby.david at gmail.com

"Be suspicious of things that work too well."
 -- Jennifer Neville
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