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Dave Jacoby jacoby.david at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 07:32:50 PDT 2017

* November - There will be an event in MatchBox on our scheduled Wednesday
called 6:45, part of Indiana Design Week.

This event will lend the stage to stories of hard work, brilliant ideas,
and creative projects during an evening of open sharing. Participants are
invited to give a presentation, lasting 6 minutes and 45 seconds, about
projects, ideas, efforts, organizations, dreams, and more.

The event is part of MBX's lineup and participation in Indiana Design Week.
But don't let that discourage you. Design reaches far beyond our
instinctual definitions. We're also talking about designing products,
movements, communities, platforms, and more.

It's Nov 8 at 6:30pm (not 6:45, because that'd be too perfect) and I want
to attend. So, there will be no November Food & Chat and no November Perl
Mongers. Design is not just aesthetics, but goes to usability and
maintainability, so this should be useful for coder like me. I hope to see
you there.


(Yeah, Facebook. What can you do?)

* December - Because it's between Thanksgiving and Christmas and in the
middle of Finals Week, we'll be doing the low-stress lightning talk
solution, STARSHIP MONGERS! Five minutes on a subject of your choice.
Everyone Talks! Nobody Quits! In the conference room of ECN's swanky new
digs in EE270/280, above the PUR-1 reactor.


Dave Jacoby
jacoby.david at gmail.com

"Be suspicious of things that work too well."
 -- Jennifer Neville
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