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I think I've mentioned this at meetings, but thought I'd share.

I'm registered, and I believe that Joe's talk has been accepted.

I know that, while we monger, we're not the most Perly monger groups, but I
thought I'd pass this on.

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Perl friends,

The Perl Conference 2017 -- the conference formerly known as Yet Another
Perl Conference::North America (YAPC::NA) -- is little more than two months

The main conference days will be Mon-Wed, June 19-20.  Pre-conference
activities begin on Sun June 18 and post-conference activities take place
through Sat June 23.

The conference will be held in the Washington DC metropolitan area --
specifically, at US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, VA.

There hasn't been as much promotion for this year's event as there has been
in previous years, so I'm taking the liberty of kicking off discussion on
this list, the long-time unofficial attendees' mailing list.

The main conference web page is here:

The conference wiki is here:

Could I ask the following:

* All readers:

** Start talking this conference up in your local Perlmonger and other tech
user groups.  Let your friends and colleagues know about YAPC, and have
them sign up for this mailing list at:

** Start making your hotel and travel plans now.

* Conference organizers:

** Could you start promoting, e.g., on blogs.perl.org,
ironman.enlightenedperl.org, Perl Weekly, etc.

** Introduce yourselves!  (I myself can name only one of the organizers.)

** Could you arrange for a redirect link to be set up so that
http://www.yapcna.org/yn2017 redirects to the main conference web page.

** Acceptances for presentations have started to be sent out, but we still
need a schedule.

I'm looking forward to this conference not only because I've attended
YAPC::NA steadily, but because I've also attended most editions of the
DC/Baltimore Perl Workshop -- and I suspect that past organizers of that
workshop will be big contributors to this year's TPC.  I look forward to
hanging out with many friends from both events.

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

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