[Purdue-pm] April Perl Mongers: We Need You All! Service Guarantees Citizenship!

Dave Jacoby jacoby.david at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 13:23:12 PDT 2016

To avoid having to recreate the event by hand, the powers of GLOSSY have
used Meetup's scheduled meetings to put GLOSSY Open Source Food & Beer &
Chat on the 2nd Wednesday.

Traditionally, we've had Purdue Perl Mongers on the third Tuesday, which I
moved to 3rd Wednesday so we can easily transition from PM to Chat by just
walking (or driving) two blocks from MatchBox to Lafayette Brewing Company.
I am not unhappy with the change.

However, April 9 is TEDxPurdueU. TEDxPurdueU looks to be a good time, as
good or better than TEDxIndy for a lower entry fee. I encourage you to
consider attending, but of course you don't have to. I bring it up because
I'm in the executive committee, which leaves me Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
to pull together the DBIx::Class talk. I am behind on what I've been tasked
to do before the event, both for TEDx and for other groups.

So, I'm scratching DBIC until May and going forward with the idea i pitched
for March:


This follows the rules of Rasczak's Roughnecks from Starship Troopers:
"Everybody fights! No one quits!" (I couldn't abuse the rules of Fight Club
enough to make that work.) I'll be akin to a Lightning Talk format, 5
minutes on a topic of your choosing -- not necessarily Perl, not
necessarily Programming, not necessarily computing, but consider your
audience -- followed by a period of questions if we decide it is warranted.
What you're playing with, what you want to work on, something that showed
up on ComputerWorld the day before, whatever. Just talk for five minutes;
experience shows that, if you're excited by the topic, it'll just fly by.

This will be Wednesday, April 13, 6-7:30ish at MatchBox (assuming Wally or
Broc get us the room), followed as per usual by GLOSSY Chat at Lafayette
Brewing Company. Please RSVP for that, at least, so we know how big a table
to ask for. I'll have the event on the GLOSSY calendar before too long.

Plus, tell your friends, acquaintances, coworkers! See you there!


David Jacoby     jacoby.david at gmail.com
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