[Purdue-pm] So, That Was A Meeting. What Now?

Ken Schweickert kenschweickert at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 20:19:09 PST 2015

I'm not convinced describing something in code is such a bad thing,
particularly in concise chunks. I used Perl pretty extensively with Twitter
and Gnip APIs. So I wouldn't object to such a talk on grounds of code use
nor subject matter. If I'm not the only one who isn't offended by your
notion ;P I could probably find something interesting to contribute along
side if there's time.

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 2:07 PM, Dave Jacoby <jacoby.david at gmail.com> wrote:

> Because Supercomputing 15 was this week, most people I would have expected
> to show up at the various tech events this week were in Austin, and many
> were doing other things. Which is okay. There was good discussion around my
> talk, "HTML Mail...".
> Next meeting is either Noon Tue Dec 15 in WSLR or 6pm Wed Dec 16 in
> MatchBox. I like the Mongers -> Chat setup (when people bother to show) so
> I think I'll go with that, unless we get substantial objection.
> (Note to self: Ask Wally or Broc to reserve a room for us.)
> (Note to self: Un-reserve WSLR 116 for December.)
> (Note to self: Send notice to Purdue Today.)
> I've been considering a talk/blogpost/tweet about using Perl to
> interesting things with Twitter info, but I'm not sure. Nobody in
> Purdue.pm, perhaps nobody in Greater Lafayette, munges Twitter as much as I
> do, so I suspect I'd just bore people to tears, and unlike HTML Mail, I'm
> not sure I could do it without showing code, which I'd love but would bore
> others to tears. So, I'm open for ideas on the topic.
> The release of Perl 6 is announced for before Christmas 2015, so on
> January 19, we'll be having our Perl 6 release celebration meeting at
> MatchBox. Mark will talk a little about Perl 6 but wants other presenters.
> (Note to self: Ask Wally or Broc to reserve a room for us.)
> (Note to self: Un-reserve WSLR 116 for January.)
> So, if you have great ideas for a talk, please speak up. You don't even
> have to be the person who presents it.
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