[Purdue-pm] meet on campus or downtown?

Dave Jacoby jacoby at purdue.edu
Fri Aug 7 06:45:58 PDT 2015

On 8/7/2015 8:28 AM, Mark Senn wrote:
> I understand I've been the only one expressing an opinion on whether
> they'd like Purdue Perl Monger meetings to meet at Purdue or at the
> MatchBox coworking studio in downtown Lafayette.  Finding a working
> projection system during the last meeting at MatchBOX cut into the
> scheduled meeting time.

> I prefer at Purdue.  If you have a preference please state it.
> Thanks.

Thank you for your response. It was the deafening lack of response to my 
own request for input that has kept me from organizing August's meeting 
until recently.

I have meetings with Michael Gribskov, where he has opined that we 
should repeat at the location, giving it a decent shot, before dropping 
back to WSLR. We'll have that room as a fall-back for the next year at 
least, so we won't have to struggle to return to campus.

In defense of MatchBox, it was the HDMI cable, not the projector, that 
proved to be the problem. I will bring my own known-good HDMI cable, 
which should solve that issue.

Michael's other issue is that we needed someone at the door to let in 
Mongers. I had intended this to be my role, after 5:40pm, once I proved 
the projectors worked and all. We know how that went.

Personally, I like the location and the connection to the GLOSSY Chat 
social session after, but I'm one voice.

I would put it as a choice between in WSLR, in MatchBox, or disbanding. 
I would like to hear any preferences the other mongers have.

Dave Jacoby
     Developer, Purdue Genomics Core Lab
         745 days using standing desk

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