[Purdue-pm] Variables in POD docs

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Wed Dec 3 08:56:11 PST 2014

> =====
> If you don't need the full power of pro and LaTeX but would still
> like to defie things in a "top-down" way do a google search for
>    perl preprocessor
> -mark

This gets away from pure Perl of having a single file that provides POD documentation and allows for execution.     Oh, I suppose there is some pre-processor that can expand my Perl source file into an executable Perl+POD file but if I am going to do ‘make & complie’ then there are lots of options to explore … including pro & LaTeX.  

Using a ‘source filter’ in a ’use’ statement doesn’t help out with the POD docs since none of the pod2* programs will touch a ‘use’ statement.

I grant that there are many other solutions beside the ’single file’ one.  But are any standard in the Perl community?  I think not.  Certainly CPAN — the granddaddy of modules — requires single file POD + executable code.   

— Rick


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