[Purdue-pm] Meeting Next Week

Mark Senn mark at ecn.purdue.edu
Tue Feb 12 18:40:11 PST 2013

  > We're a week off of next week's meeting, so, rather than showing up
  > empty handed, how about we decide on topics?
  > Joe Kline mentioned discussing some of the top developments in the
  > Perl world, which are Moe and the Perl 7 kerfuffle. Others?

According to

    Moe is a thought experiment to try and envision what Perl 5 might evolve
    into as a language and a runtime. It borrows much from Perl 6, but still
    aims to be true to its Perl 5 roots.

    And that is all that it is (for now).

In my opinion, talking about Moe at this point would be premature.

According to

    There has been much bandwidth burned up the past week talking about
    if Perl 5 should get renamed to Perl 7. Here are the only two things
    that matter:

    o  Perl 5 is not going to be renumbered to Perl 7, if for no other
    reason than because Perl 6 exists, and doing so would effectively
    say "Perl 6 does not matter."

    o  Perl 6 will not be renamed to anything else, no matter how much
    you might want it to be. Larry has spoken.

In my opinion, talking about the Perl 7 kerfuffle would be a waste of time.
There is no longer a kerfuffle.

Let's keep it real.

I'd be interested in hearing more about the problem Phillip talked
about many months ago.



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