[Purdue-pm] Programming Perl, 4th Ed: Should I?

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A better choice might be 'Learning Perl 6th Ed' by Schwartz, d foy and Phoenix.

This book is better than a reference in the respect that it explores some background about why Perl works the way it does and some of the underlying philosophy that followed when writing it.  It also educates about common idioms that masters (such as Schwartz) take for granted that all Perl programmers understand.

The author says the book is 'It's just a tutorial.  It's not comprehensive." -- but the extensive footnotes give insights that other books miss.


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Since O'Reilly knows I have Programming Perl 3rd (and 2nd, and 1st), 
they take 40% off the $55 and offer it to me at $32. Free shipping, 
potential tax (haven't hit "go" yet) so $35.

I want it. But I'm not yet convinced.

Most any technical issue I hit, my first (and normally only) step is to 
type "my technical issue" into Google and find the answer. My primary 
use of Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Guide is to lift my laptop roughly 
two inches. I'm not yet convinced that I will use it. I think I want it 
inpaper for about the same reason I want to get Mockingbird Time by the 
Jayhawks on CD: I have the previous works in physical form and my 
continued collection trumps my rejection of the form otherwise. My 
logical self recognizes this as a problem.

So, should I pull the trigger?

Dave Jacoby
     Code Maker, Purdue Genomics Core Lab
         686 days until the end of XP support

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