[Purdue-pm] Meeting Next Week! And other news

derrick derrick at csociety.org
Tue May 8 09:51:45 PDT 2012

put me at the end of the list for a small presentation on 
using Page Objects with Selenium Webdriver. It is an object 
oriented way of thinking about web pages. The design pattern 
originated from java, the examples will be in python, the 
concepts should universal.


On 05/08/2012 10:38 AM, Dave Jacoby wrote:
> That's right! We are one week from the next Perl Mongers
> meeting. We mentioned in the last meeting the idea of
> covering MVC web development with Dancer, which Rick and I
> have been *sorta* doing recently. Are there other
> interesting topics that people in this group can talk on?
> In other geekery news:
> * the Lafayette Makerspace Movement has passed the
> leadership baton to Doug Couch, who will have a callout
> meeting in Greyhouse Coffee at 6pm Thursday.
> * Lafayettech has been sponsoring a monthly Hack Day, and
> the planned Hack Day for June is on the topic of Arduino
> hacking.
> * BoilerWeb, a campus group uniting web developers and
> designers from across Purdue, is meeting this Thursday, May
> 10, in the PerlMonger time (11:30am-1pm) in the PerlMonger
> place (WSLR116). The intended topic is Responsive Design,
> which I still find elusive and exciting a year after hearing
> about it.

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