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Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Fri Jun 29 05:29:54 PDT 2012

Perl 6 is not mature but there is enough working to write simple programs.

Perl 6 was a redesign and rewrite of Perl 5 from the ground up---it
still "feels like" programming in Perl 5 though---if you like Perl 5 you
might like Perl 6.  Perl 6 is object oriented and has many other
features that make programming easier in my opinion.  I've been doing
some programming in Perl 6 and like it much better than Perl 5.  Perl 5
is much more mature, has much better documentation, and a much larger
user community.  You can learn more about Perl 6 at


I expect Perl 5 and Perl 6 will both be used in the the future.


>To: perl6 at szabgab.com
>From: Gabor Szabo <gabor at szabgab.com>
>Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 11:25:04 +0300 (IDT)
>Subject: [Perl6 Tricks and Treats] Starting again with Rakudo Perl 6:
>	Welcome Perl 6 Maven!
>Sender: perl6-bounces at szabgab.com
>I hope you still remember me, and this newsletter.
>This is the Perl6 Tricks and Treats newsletter,
>that you signed up, probably on my web site:
>It has been a while ago. The last message was
>sent more than a year ago.
>That was the time when I decided I should focus on
>Perl 5 to avoid confusion on my web site.
>Since then, Rakudo has improved a lot and today
>I can announce a new web site where I am going to
>move all the Perl 6 content from szabgab.com.
>That will probably help avoiding any confusion.
>This is where I am going to publish my new articles
>and new screencasts about Perl 6.
>I also plan to collect other Perl 6 related resources
>and provide a unified and clear way to learn Perl 6,
>and eventually to become a Perl 6 Maven.
>Let me welcome you to the new Perl 6 Maven site:
>    http://perl6maven.com/
>Currently the site is a set of static pages generated
>with a Perl 6 script using HTML::Template. That will
>certainly change, but I will only use Perl 6 for
>that site, and not Perl 5. If that means some things will
>take longer to add, and I might have to shave a few yaks
>before I can add a new feature. So be it.
>That's the way I might also help the advancement of the
>Perl 6 ecosystem.
>For now I'll keep this newsletter and even invite more
>people to sign up. Later I'll switch to use something
>written in Perl 6.
>(Luckily this is ok, as Mailman is written in Python
>and not Perl 5 :)
>I though I might finish this with a sentence like
>"So just sit back and watch!"
>but I'd actually like you take active part in the
>creation of this web site and in improving our Perl 6
>skils. So if you have not touched Perl 6 recently than
>grab the latest Rakudo and start typing!
>My first mini-article on the new site is about
>    Starting again with Rakudo Perl 6
>    http://perl6maven.com/starting-again-with-rakudo-perl6
>So go read and start writing Perl 6 code
>   Gabor Szabo
>   http://szabgab.com/
>   http://perl6maven.com/
>ps. This message was sent using Perl 6
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>Perl6 at szabgab.com

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