[Purdue-pm] Second send: Perl Help on a Windows 2008 IIS7 SQL2008 Platform

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Mon Aug 22 09:02:23 PDT 2011

Second sending of this message.  This time without the attachment since that was too large for the mailing list.  
PM people.  I received a phone call from Kristen today.  I couldn't help her out but suggest that she post to the PM mailing list.  That bounced and so I am posting on her behalf.  Please respond back to her directly if you can help.

"Kristen Van Laere" <vanlaere at purdue.edu> 



My name is Kristen Van Laere, I’m an Application Administrator for a program called Numara FootPrints ( http://www.numarasoftware.com/footprints-family/ ). The program is Perl based and we are having some performance issues. We have the program running on a Windows Server 2008 VM, it is using IIS7, and the database is SQL 2008. We implemented the program in Feb 2011, and have since experienced slowness and high CPU usage. An example of the high CPU is in the attachment. I did some research over the weekend, and was trying to find ways to optimize the IIS settings for this application in regards to Perl. I also want to state that the Numara Footprints install was upgraded from version 9.5.4 to version 10.0.2 in June, as were told by the vendor it would then use FastCGI, and that should help our performance issues. While we did notice an increase in speed, we started experiencing reporting issues from within the application. The vendor is working on supplying us a patch to fix the reporting issues, but for now they said to turn off the FastCGI component. In the meantime, we are left with an application that at times, times out, and runs painfully slow. This is a web based application too. So, if anyone has any suggestions, I would be appreciate it. I have called various other companies that use this application, and it seems that everyone just lives with the slowness. I just think there has to be something we can do, to optimize the performance on the Windows side. I did find many links that discusses FastCGI timeouts with ways to resolve them in a PHP.ini file. However, I need this type of information for Perl. 






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