[Purdue-pm] [PU-sysadmin] Group-wide Web To-Do list?

Bradley Andersen bradley.d.andersen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 07:42:27 PDT 2011

mantis is VERY good for this.

i am using mantis right now, hooked into mediawiki.  it is VERY nice

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On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 10:40 AM, Michael Gribskov <gribskov at purdue.edu>wrote:

> we have used mantis for this in the past.  mantis is mainly a bug tracking
> system, but can be used for project management to a certain extent.  we have
> it installed and running on genomics computers.
> On 8/19/2011 10:38 AM, Dave Jacoby wrote:
>> On 8/19/2011 10:24 AM, Andrus, Christopher J wrote:
>>> Hi Dave,
>>>    Have you looked into using Sharepoint to do this?  I know it may not
>>> be exactly what you want, but I currently use the "task list" in sharepoint
>>> to assign and track tasks for our students.  Sharepoint would definitely
>>> have more fluff or options then you need, but it's something that is already
>>> setup.  Just a thought...
>> I have not. I guess I hadn't even learned what Sharepoint is until
>> responding to this email. None of our servers run Windows, so gearing up and
>> prepping up to get Sharepoint running seems like more work than I can
>> justify.
>> We're a Perl shop, but certainly we could get a solution based on Apache
>> and some other language (Python, PHP, Ruby, ?) working somewhere around
>> here, but if there was a Remember The Milk for groups, that's about where
>> I'd want to go.
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