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Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Tue May 18 10:48:07 PDT 2010

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> I'm not able to make it, i think i can present next meeting.
> I have a presentation on using SWIG to build Fortran
> language bindings for C or maybe a presentation on building
> workflows with Taverna Workbench.

   Taverna would nice.  I have tried it before but never got into the swing of it.

   As for today's meeting we mostly chatted.  Then we had an impromptu session about what I have been doing with HTML::Template and App::Config lately.  The main thrust of these projects is to provide customer-oriented web pages which can be modified on a per-page or global basis by our laboratory folk.   This has given me an idea about a challenge problem.   I talked to Dave about this and it might fly.

  Given a web API for data to be returned in JSON and XML and perhaps some other format, then write a program to create a customer-oriented web page.  Preferably the page could be modified by non-programmers.  Said program would be best written in Perl but could be written in Javascript or maybe some other tool (Tcl/Tk?).  And then there is the question of which, if any, libraries to use.

   Obviously something that Dave and I do a lot of so we have a leg up.  But creating dynamic web pages is actually work that we all do so we should all be capable of doing the project.  It would be nice to see what approach everyone takes.  Also it could give people the opportunity to stretch their legs.  What to try a new approach or a new library?  Then try it on this challenge problem.

   Any comments about the above idea?  

   If it is a 'go' then I will send out the APIs in a couple of weeks. 

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