[Purdue-pm] Perl 6, Padre, etc.

Joe Kline gizmo at purdue.edu
Mon Jul 26 08:52:06 PDT 2010

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The thing about IDE's in general is that it "knows" the language you are
writing and be helpful.

Padre is not just meant to be written in Perl for Perl programmers but
to be an IDE that really helps you write Perl.

I haven't used Padre much because my fingers know vi too well. :-)

I think there is a vi binding/plugin so that you edit like in vi but use
the Padre tools and such.

I've been meaning to try out Padre but I just haven't forced myself to
do that just yet.

It's partly a toolchain thing (don't want to contaminate by work machine
with a custom Perl install but there are some nifty tools: perlbrew,
cpanm, local::lib, that make it much easier) because Padre can be a bit

Maybe I'll take the dive this week and see if it will cause me to stray
from vi.

Actually some of the work done in Padre has flowed into vim. In fact,
vim has enough plugins and such to really give Padre a run for its
money...but you need to know how to program vi to really do some cool
stuff. With Padre you just need to know how to program Perl.

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