[Purdue-pm] Mongers meeting tonight (9/9/08) is CANCELED

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Tue Sep 9 09:09:04 PDT 2008

      Sorry for the last minute notice but tonight's meeting (Tuesday, 
Sept 9th) is canceled.  We only had one speaker (me) and several 'can 
not attend' people (Dave, Mark, Doug).   As a counter point we did have 
some enthusiastic 'want to attend' people (Derrick and Phillip at the 
very least.)

      So, this is the 2nd meeting in a row that we have had to cancel 
due to a lack of speakers.   Granted that the August meeting was in the 
midst of summer vacation and tonight's meeting is at the tail end of 
summer.  But we do need speakers.  So my mission for the next month is 
to hound, er, ask politely the rest of you to contribute a talk for the 
October 14th meeting.  Mark will be exempt from this request but 
Phillip, Dave, Derrick, Mike ... what can you offer?  Doug has already 
said that he will "come up with something" and I will give my MOOSE talk. 

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