[Purdue-pm] Follow up on Per 6 objects

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Wed Feb 13 07:54:49 PST 2008

   Mark's talk last night about Perl 6 objects or, more appropriately, 
the lack of Perl 6 brings up this add-on to Perl 5.  It is a way to 
bring a lot of Perl 6 objects to Perl 5.  The add-on is called 'Moose' 
and, as the author succinctly  put it,

   "I built Moose because I was tired of writing the same old boring 
Perl 5 OO code, and drooling over Perl 6 OO. So instead of switching to 
Ruby, I wrote Moose :)"


    IMHO, it would be a good idea to have one (or more) of us look over 
Moose and report back at the next PM technical meeting.   Any takers?

    Another IMHO, after Mark's talk last night I am beginning to doubt 
if we will ever see Perl 6 in production.  Since Perl 5 is getting a 
beating from the other modern languages, e.g., PHP, Python, Java, Ruby 
and even JavaScript, it seems like the way that Perl will survive is to 
bolt on the good ideas into Perl 5 ... even at the risk of making the 
language yet more cumbersome and not clean.

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