[Purdue-pm] Web sites using Catalyst

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Wed Feb 13 07:39:02 PST 2008

    Interesting talks last night.  A followup on my catalyst MVC 
framework talk.  I was asked about sites that actually use catalyst.  We 
looked at one glowing report but, really, one data point does not make a 
success story.  Here are some web 2.0 sites that use catalyst.

   Online spreadsheets .... http://www.editgrid.com/ ... although, 
interestingly, their API which uses SOAP and WSDL only has code examples 
for PHP and Python.

   A application rating system (for Macs at the moment) .... 

   TV and radio listings in the UK ... http://www.mightyv.com ... their 
'about' section shows what Perl modules they use to supplement catalyst 

   Blogging ... http://www.vox.com ... the company also does other 
blogging sites such as MovableType and TypePad; I am not sure if the 
other sites use catalyst but vox does.

   While I suppose one could always argue the need for another 
spreadsheet site or another rating site or another TV/radio site, all of 
the above are very nice sites.  They show what can be done with catalyst 
& friends.

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