[Purdue-pm] Next technical meeting TONIGHT!

Dave Jacoby jacoby at csociety.ecn.purdue.edu
Tue Feb 12 10:00:32 PST 2008

Just a reminder, that six short days are up, and that meeting is TONIGHT!

Also, I have a topic. "a tree grows in the basement". It's the best 
topic I can think of with, with my javascripty mind not thinking 

Rick Westerman wrote:
> Next technical meeting is in a short 6 days.  Typical ME 119 room.   So 
> far we have talks from:
> -- Mark on Perl 6 Objects
> -- Phillip on his recent work with  web scraping.
> -- Dave on .. on .. well, something.  Lately he has been a javascript 
> coder and can't think straight anymore.  :-)
> -- Rick on Template Toolkit (or how I have ruined my Perl skills)
> Anyone else have something that they wish to present to the group?

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