[Purdue-pm] Higher Order Perl

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Wed Dec 10 06:48:31 PST 2008

HOP is a nice book -- people might recall that I gave a talk on it -- 
and picking it up in PDF is recommended.

As a side note, I found Mark Dominus' quote back from 2007 rather amusing:

"I usually imagine that Perl will end up in pretty much the same place 
as COBOL. It will be dead, but it will still be wandering around, eating 
brains. The aging Perl programmer community will point at the festering, 
animated corpse and say "Perl is more robust than ever! Look at those 
maggots wiggling in the eye sockets!" And the rest of the world will 
make jokes like "No, Perl's not dead; it just smells that way."

I'd like to be wrong.  --  Mark Dominus 
<mailto:mjd-www-perlmonks+ at plover.com>


-- Rick

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