[Purdue-pm] Tech meeting in 5 days

Dave Jacoby jacoby at csociety.ecn.purdue.edu
Mon May 7 11:22:17 PDT 2007

Make that one day.

My goodness.

Somebody, please, I beg of you: Come up with another topic! I don't have 
nearly enough to truly do Perl Win32. I have other stuff, to be sure, 
but don't make it all about me! I'll feel self-conscious!

Rick Westerman wrote:
>     Next technical meeting is this Tuesday, May 8th, 6:00 - 7:30, in ME 
> 119.  I'll try to be on time for once! 
>     We are a bit light on speakers -- just Dave and myself so far with 
> Mark a maybe for a lighting talk -- and thus if you have a topic that 
> you would like to present then this is a good meeting to do so.   Also, 
> my talk requires code from other people. If you have a 200 or so line 
> bit of Perl code laying around that you are proud of (or even if you 
> aren't) then please send it my way.  I'll try not to make too much fun 
> of it.  :-)

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