[Purdue-pm] Tonight's technical meeting is cancelled.

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Tue Jan 9 07:53:54 PST 2007

    Tonight's Perl Mongers' technical meeting is canceled.  It was too 
close to the start of the semester and evidently all of us didn't spend 
our holidays thinking, breathing and coding our presentations.  :-)

    We will have February's technical meeting on Feb. 13th at which time 
Mark will continue to regal us with tales of Perl 6, Dave will Lisp 
away, and I will speak on ""Flying high with Condor: How to run Perl on 
1000 machines at once."   Among other topics.  If any of you wish to 
present something -- it does not have to be long -- then please get hold 
of me or simply show up at the meeting and give your talk.

     Don't forget the social meeting -- 4th Tuesday of the month at the 
Cafe Royale. Jan 23th and Feb. 27th are the next two meetings.

Rick Westerman 
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