[Purdue-pm] PLUG - Things To Worry About, Things To Steal

Dave Jacoby jacoby at purdue.edu
Tue Aug 21 11:48:17 PDT 2007

I was looking at my Google Calendar, and noticed the next tech meeting. 
It's at 5:30, and PLUG will be having a novice presentation on File 
Sharing at 7pm. They will also have other meetings, and 7pm Tuesday 
seems to be their standardized day.

I don't think that the class of people who would join a language users' 
group would be too interested in the topics listed so far ("Installing 
Stuff", "File Sharing", "Making your Resume in OpenOffice.Org"), but as 
I hinted, that is their novice line. They are also expecting a series of
expert presentations.

We are on-calendar as starting as 5:30pm, but we start at 6. If we start 
again at 5:30, that allows us (potentially) to finish by 7 and not 
conflict with PLUG. I, for one, am interested in being more involved in 
PLUG this year.

Social meetings are just that, social, so I don't know that we miss much 
if we just do that as planned. If a PLUG meeting on a subject you're 
interested, no big deal.

That is my worry. The question here is: Do we want to have 5:30 meetings 

To steal, perhaps:  PLUG uses Upcoming, a calendering site from Yahoo.
There is also a Flickr group. I thought we were tech-forward because we 
used a Wiki, but perhaps there are other things we can do, 
social-networking-wise, to expand our presense.

Much of what we could want, we get from the Perl community or CSociety, 
true. We have a Wiki, we have a mailing list. Purdue gives us a room 
with a PC and a projector. Should we look into different things to 
do?Any ideas?

And I know it would be easy to start recording the presentations with a 
small mic and a machine running Audacity. Is this something anyone would 
be interested in?

David Jacoby    jacoby at purdue.edu
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