[Purdue-pm] Perl Modules & C Libraries

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Wed Nov 15 09:09:21 PST 2006

At 10:40 AM 11/15/2006, derrick wrote:
>I put my notes up from yesterday's talk on building Perl Modules from C

      Thanks Derrick.  The examples are very complete and I was able 
to use them to replicate some of the examples you showed last 
night.  You may wish to put down that 'h2xs -cn Example' will create 
the proper directory structure to do a C-to-Perl interface.  Your 
current 'h2xs -X Example' code does not create this ... and it is 
this directory that we generally want.

     For the people who were at the meeting last night, I asked 
Derrick what would happen if I sent floating point numbers to a C 
routine that expected integers.  As might be expected Perl handles 
this gracefully via truncating the floating point numbers into ints.

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