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Joseph Youngquist jyoungqu at journal-courier.com
Wed Jun 26 14:10:18 CDT 2002

    Hey all,

	Just a call out for members to send in an e-mail to me that are still on
this list and wish to be listed as members on our site.
  I'm almost finished with the redesign and as a members list need your
  If you want to have a little info about yourself, web/e-mail link,
interest(s) (Perl and non-Perl is cool).

  Also, I'd like to hear from folks on nifty Perl projects that you have
worked on or are currently working on -- as long as your company/research
will allow it.  Just basic (or if you want detailed, its up to you) info on
what your doing, why Perl, etc..

  In few weeks, I'll have something up on our server to have you take a
look, I'll send the link via the list here.

  If you have a suggestion on something you'd like to see on our site (even
before you see it) feel free to drop a line to me.
  I have a few suggestions that date back a couple of years, that's been
passed down to me.

  I'll also be posting a book review in a couple of weeks on our site, so
keep your eye out.
  If you'd like to send in a book review slap it in an e-mail and fire it
off to me.


Joseph Youngquist

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