Perl talks by Damian Conway, etc.

Mark Senn mds at
Thu Jul 11 11:13:52 CDT 2002

I've been to talks/presentations/classes given by thousands of
people.  Damian Conway is the best, bar none.

The Engineering Computer Network at Purdue has been very generous the
past two years and paid for me to attend the Open Software Convention
[1] / Perl Conference [2] in California.  This year I plan to pay my
own way.  Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to do while
there July 22--26.  Of course, Damain will be giving several talks there.

Damian will be giving classes in Chicago August 19--23.  See  The classes are listed at
$375/day but I'm trying to negotiate a lower price for me (uh, $120).
Anyone else interested in going.  Maybe if we get three people who
will give $120 they'll go for it.


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