_mod_perl Developer's Cookbook_ available for loan

Mark Senn mds at ecn.purdue.edu
Thu Jan 31 07:20:38 CST 2002

Mod_perl is a facility by which user-written Perl code can be added to
the Apache web server.  It's more flexible and faster than CGI
programs.  For example, one can write mod_perl to open a database when
Apache is first started, and for each query, do an operation with the
database---this is much faster than the traditional CGI approach of
opening and closing the database for each query.

Slashdot, O'Reilly and Associates and many other web sites use mod_perl.
See http://perl.apache.org/sites.html for a partial list.

Several months ago I had a part-time job as a technical editor for the
mod_perl Developer's Cookbook.  The book is finally out.  I have two
copies available for free loan.  Let me know if you're interested.
First come, first serve.

The web site for the book is www.modperlcookbook.org.


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