Newsletter: A Drag-and-Drop Primer for Perl/Tk

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Excuse me if you get multiple copies of this: I'm sending this to
Purdue Perl Mongers.

Note this is information how to donate $ to Damian Conway's and Dan
Suganski's work below.  Has Perl saved you time or given you pleasure:
I encourage you to donate---I already have.

I couldn't get
to work.
worked ok.


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Hello, world!

This is Simon Cozens, managing editor of, here to 
bring you the week's news and developments both in the Perl world 
and on our own site.

* Perl at large.

Some very important news this week! The Perl Foundation has 
announced its fundraising drive for next year. Through donations 
from various generous companies and individuals, we managed to 
sponsor Damian Conway to work on Perl for the whole of this year, 
and this time around we're looking to sponsor both Damian and 
Dan Sugalski, the internals designer for Perl 6. "The Foundation 
is beginning drives for two Perl Development Grants, for Dan 
Sugalski and Damian Conway, totalling $175,000 ($60,000 each 
for stipend, $20,000 each for travel, and $15,000 for 
adminstrative overhead)."

Take this to your boss, your boss's boss, your bank manager, and 
anyone else who you think will possibly give money to advance 
the Perl cause.  If you don't see why this is a good thing, check 
out what Damian's been up to.

Oh, and talking of Damian, if you want *more* information about 
what he's up to, there's an excellent interview with him on's "Insider" newsletter:

As promised, Parrot 0.0.3 was released on Sunday, with the official
announcement going out to the world yesterday. This release is
particularly significant because it's the first one to have custom,
pluggable data types. Now you can create, for instance, Perl 
strings, and have them magically numify to Perl number types on 
demand. Enjoy.

* What's new on

More bioinformatics stuff! If you've ever used, GD, or read 
Network Programming with Perl, you'll have heard of Lincoln Stein. 
But what you might not have known about him is that he's a 
bioinformaticist on the Human Genome Project, and has made some 
interesting advancements in Perl's utility for bioinformatics. 
We're highlighting an O'Reilly Network interview with Lincoln, 
where he talks about what he's been doing with Perl and genomics:

Bryan Warnock is back, with another Perl 6 summary. He covers the
0.0.3 release, the newly-established Parrot FAQ, questions about
the use of the GCC register transfer language, and much, much more...

Steven Lidie, author of the forthcoming "Mastering Perl/Tk" 
provides an inside look into one of the things he'd not managed 
to get into the book - programming drag-and-drop services in 
Perl/Tk. This week's article explains how to create an application 
which can drag and drop objects from one Tk widget onto another.


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*** Featured Articles ***

A Drag-and-Drop Primer for Perl/Tk 
This article, by Steve Lidie, coauthor of Mastering Perl/Tk, 
describes the Perl/Tk drag-and-drop mechanism, often referred 
to as DND. Steve illustrates DND operations local to a single 
application, where you can drag items from one Canvas to another.


An Interview with Lincoln Stein
We recently spoke to Lincoln Stein about the state of bioinformatics. 
Lincoln will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming O'Reilly 
Bioinformatics Technology Conference. 


XML and Modern CGI Applications
Kip Hampton explores a modern CGI module, CGI::XMLApplication, 
which uses XML and XSLT to separate logic and presentation cleanly.


This Week on Perl 6 (2 - 8 December 2001) 
Parrot 0.0.3, a FAQ, the execution environment and more...


An Introduction to Testing
chromatic explains why writing tests is good for your code, and
tells you how to go about it.

O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference
January 28-31, 2002, Tucson, AZ

Hear from Lincoln D. Stein, Ewan Birney, Gene Myers, Terry
Gaasterland, James Ostell, James Tisdall, and many more.

      *** A Special Book Offer from O'Reilly ***

Pre-Publication Offer--Mastering Perl/Tk--25% Off

Save 25% when you buy O'Reilly's soon-to-be released
"Mastering Perl/Tk" (
This book is the "bible" of Perl/Tk. It begins with the basics,
then branches out into advanced applications, including
extensive program examples. Offer valid only through the shopping cart. Use the following code: OPC25.
Expires December 19, 2001.


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