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Subject: installfest - THIS SATURDAY

The Purdue Linux Users Group will be holding their semester
Installfest this coming Saturday.  Here are the details.  Please pass
to your related organizations and come out to hang with your fellow
geeks and linux buddies.  Due to a conflict in his schedule, the
penguin will not be on hand to play with.  We are talking with the
rabid squirels and they may make an appearance.

For directions to Purdue, go to

<the announcement>

Installfest will be this Saturday.  Bring all your Windows buddies and
their computers and we'll put Linux on it for them.  :-)  Then they
can be productive, do development work, etc etc etc...  It'll be fun.

Date:  Saturday October 28th, 2000
Time:  10am - 4pm (but we can always run later if people want to stick
Location:  MSEE 239

You can park in the parking garage across the street from MSEE.  This
is the Northwestern Street garage.  We will have carts up in 239 for
you to come get so that you don't have to carry your computer.  There
is a tunnel that goes under the street.  The elevators will take keys
on Saturday, but we'll have people around to help out.  :-)

Bring your computer, bring your friends, bring you.  We'll have
experts on hand to fix your Linux/*nix related issues.  We may even
have some BeOS people around.  We will have high speed network access
too.  Also, some extra network cards laying around in case someone
wants to bring that 486 from home to install Linux on.

We are still working on the whole refreshments thing, but there should
be punch and pie there.  

If you can help hang up flyers in buildings, we could definitely use
your help.

I realize that the Purdue Football Game is on Saturday during this
time.  If you aren't going to the came, but were going to watch it, we
will have a TV playing the game at installfest.  We may even run some
other movies...

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