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Headed to Velocity NY
or in NYC already? Join us for O'Reilly Cultivate
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zmni46fqo0fo00ogh4l3ep8ud4s9p4kb0uudhb68>, a
one-day conference on technology company leadership. Let your community
know about our discount code *USRG* for 20% off.


—Marsee Henon and Jon Johns

P.S. If you're headed to Codecamp NYC
or Strangeloop
in St. Louis - say hi to Marsee


      Available for Review

JavaScript and HTML5 at OSCON 2013

The UG team is looking for reviewers for the following books & videos.
Consider posting your reviews on Amazon, Slashdot, oreilly.com,
goodreads.com, and/or your blog.

  * JavaScript and HTML5 at OSCON 2013
  * Functional JavaScript
  * HTML5 iPhone Web Application Development

It's easy for you to get books for your meeting or special events—just
email usergroups at oreilly.com <mailto:usergroups at oreilly.com> and include
the words "book request" in the subject line. Don't forget to include
your deadline and shipping address. Prefer ebooks? We can send you a
free ebook certificate to print out for raffles or book reviewers.


      New Releases

Fluent Conference 2013: JavaScript & Beyond Complete Video Compilation
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zghsubanp4rd0er2v8gplgobc04ss6nlvap77e00> 	Developing
Backbone.js Applications
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z2oh8fib3p1fujeli0mtmjmci44vlkl7j5gi14o8> 	Training
Guide: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z5g04ejer7pn2ed8mgi8g6jlphqq3v50ocdlcqq0> 	The
Modern Web
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z4o2a3nk843ijorpbstd8ehekul6haf9i78vu53g> 	Jump
Start Responsive Web Design
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zbjbue7985rafcj0vlivqcb7kjbfejoujmm5ke8g> 	RaphaelJS


      O'Reilly Webcasts: Meet Experts Online For Free!

Gigabit Wireless Networks with 802.11ac. Presented by Matthew Gast.

Gigabit Wireless Networks with 802.11ac

Thursday, September 19
1pm PT, 4pm ET

* Register Now

Sponsored by

Aerohive Networks



With the development of 802.11ac, wireless LANs surpass the gigabit
speed barrier. New protocol features add speed compared to 802.11n, and
future developments promise even higher speed.

*As an added bonus, the first 250 people to register and attend the
webcast will receive Matthew's new book /802.11ac: A Survival Guide/.
Don't miss your chance to receive a free copy!*

Join us for this *free hands-on webcast*. You can enjoy this informative
presentation from the comfort of your computer chair!

To see more upcoming events and *meet experts online* visit


      Why Should You Attend Velocity? (Oct. 14-16 New York, NY)

Never before has the Web been more crucial to what you do. If your job
involves any part of building or maintaining a faster, stronger web,
join us and more than a thousand of your peers at the O'Reilly Velocity
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1ztsjls3oevj75lofcs2064cl3hvdc5nmftte2ki0>, happening
October 14-16 at the New York Hilton Midtown, in New York City. Find out
more about Velocity in this short video
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1ziuqm8q2mgmnjffbmcuu3ev1pdnus9erv33f6t28>. Remember,
your community members can get 20% off with code *USRG*.



      Learn To Build Office Culture at O'Reilly Cultivate (Oct 14, New
      York, NY)

Watch /Building Great Tech Company Culture/
Conversation with Svpply's Greg Leppert.


Share the Cultivate 20% discount code with your community—*USRG*.

The tech industry has a reputation for unusual work environments, but
"culture" isn't just free beer and foosball. As a leader—of a team,
project, or company--you're in a unique position to build a vibrant
company culture that energizes and engages employees. If you're
passionate about building a productive work environment, check out
O'Reilly Cultivate
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zbf807r5otct6863a9d7l2osio41b30o2jpcqv1o>, a
one-day conference on technology company leadership.

You'll spend the day hearing directly from successful tech founders and
managers, including Marc Hedlund, Etsy; Cameron Moll, Authentic Jobs;
Steve Yegge, Google; Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media; and Kate Matsudaira,
popforms. They'll address issues like:

  * Am I Doing It Right? Gaining Confidence as a Leader
  * How to Create a Culture of Shipping Product Continuously
  * What /Do/ You Do All Day?
  * Going Beyond Money: Working on Stuff That Matters

O'Reilly Cultivate
is co-located with the O'Reilly Velocity Conference
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z99sap7sqndj7sjok6l4t34hbqdj97c781kptntg>, taking
place October 14-16 in New York, NY.


      Jez Humble (Lean Enterprise) at Flowcon (Nov. 1, San Francisco, CA)


O'Reilly Media is proud to be a sponsor of FlowCon 2013
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zvdce3ueejc9bvhsmr9q1mdj6nntrv82ouk4di00>. Use
code *oreilly* to get a $50 discount off registration


      Put Up a Banner & Get a Free Book—UG Leaders Only

We're looking for groups to display our discount banners on their
websites. If you send us your group's site with one or more banners
posted, we'll send you the O'Reilly book(s) of your choice. Choose from
the following list of banners:Strata Conference + Hadoop World

  * Velocity Conference Banners
  * Strata Conference + Hadoop World Banners
  * UG Program Banners
  * UG Discount Banners


Buy 1 Ebook, Get 1 Free with your user group discount code: DSUG2
Buy 1 Ebook, Get 1 Free with your user group discount code: *DSUG2*


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