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With all this talk of power grids and blackouts in the news recently, you
might find Sal Cangeloso's LED Lighting: A Primer to Lighting the
particular interest. If alternative energy isn't your thing, we've got
plenty more to inspire your next bright idea. Have a look ;)

--Marsee Henon & Jon Johns
Available for Review [image: LED Lighting: A Primer to Lighting the

The UG team is looking for book reviewers for the following books. Consider
posting your reviews on Amazon, Slashdot, oreilly.com, and/or your blog.

   - LED Lighting: A Primer to Lighting the
   - Think Like a
   - Introducing Regular

It's easy for you to request books for your meetings or special events—just
email usergroups at oreilly.com <javascript:_e({}, 'cvml',
'usergroups at oreilly.com');> and include the words "book request" in the
subject line. Don't forget to include your deadline and shipping address.
Prefer ebooks? We can send you a free ebook certificate to print out for
raffles or book reviewers.

New Releases  <http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z8dr281qqdinvrifmtm8rqqrtdm4n5ajqrkmfo1g>
MSP TechAffliate Program Contest

The Microsoft TechAffiliate
like to help your group celebrate Windows 8 by getting you the
resources you need to create Metro-style apps in just 30 days. They're also
giving away a Samsung Series 7 Slate among other prizes in an affiliated
contest, so sign
a chance to win that today (ends 8/31, US only).
What is Machine Learning?

Over on Josetteorama.com<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zdok0p95k9tflr37fltla55tv19jcc6d1oqt51pg>,
Jurgen Van Gael introduces Machine
the uninitiated and talks about starting the London
Machine Learning
palls Jedidia Francis and David Singleton. If you're interested in one
of the driving forces behind Big Data and how to connect with other
like-minded data geeks, check it out.

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Meet SitePoint

SitePoint specializes in publishing fun, practical, and easy-to-understand
content for web professionals. Its popular online magazine (SitePoint.com)
and print books<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zpf2n70gegke4cb3t0v05s363m2mn30h1oa654b8>teach
best practices to web developers and designers. The "Build Your Own"
series introduces new technologies and concepts through tutorial-style
chapters focused on creating fully functional, real-world applications. The
"Anthology" series is for developers who are familiar with a technology but
need a desktop reference of practical solutions to common problems.
Jon's Maker Camp Video

Our very own Jon Johns gave an enthusiastic presentation on how to
make glow-in-the-dark
Kryptonite candy<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zv3mhlmi6fl3sj83u6tjetl2uku1kp16unuaesmo>as
his contribution to Maker
Check out the video, if you haven't already, and make sure to add
Jon to your circles. Also, tell us if you're using Google+ hangouts with
your group. We're trying to gauge interest to see if we can get authors to
participate in hangouts.
Meet Experts Online: Upcoming Free Webcasts

We've got some great
up soon that you'll want to tell your members about. They're
excellent opportunities to learn something new directly from our experts.
   *Dwarf Fortress: Design and Engineering, Minecarts, and Learning to
Love to Lose
with Peter Tyson<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zsfhjam150trog90hgkcns55bm91oo6ah6ia6a48>
Aug 17, 10 AM PT [image: Register
*Managing Complex Asynchrony with the Reactive Extensions
with Ian Griffiths<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zj3hmtjds1guktpkau7cft26t0b2gee74macgugo>
Aug 22, 10 AM PT [image: Register
*Quantifying The Mobile Difference
with Guy Podjarny
Spt 4, 10 AM PT [image: Register
Put Up a Banner & Get a Free Book—UG leaders only

We're looking for groups to display our discount banners on their websites.
If you send us your group's site with one or more banners posted, we'll
send you the O'Reilly book(s) of your choice. Choose from the following
list of banners:[image: Strata Conference in

   - UG Program
   - UG Discount
   - MAKE Magazine
   - Strata + Hadoop World
   - Strata Conference in
   - Velocity Conference in


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