[Phoenix-pm] Doug Miles Strikes Back

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Sat May 29 06:28:15 PDT 2010

Yes, but before we get back to the topic, I want to make sure we are all 
on the same page.  I am severely bipolar. Scottie knows this, I don't 
know why he didn't mention it.  I wasn't diagnosed until I was 45. 
Hell, I didn't even know what bipolar WAS until I was 45.  I went to see 
a psych because I thought I was depressed, but two independent 
psychiatrists immediately diagnosed me with bipolar illness.

I am not going to make any excuses and I am most definitely not going to 
apologize to Scottie, billn, or any other man or woman, for my behaviour 
before or after I got diagnosed.  billn you can go straight to Hell. 
You too, Scottie. =)  In fact, all of you can go straight to Hell. =)

The important thing is that I got diagnosed and now I am on medication 
that has brought the bipolar illness somewhat under control.  Bipolar 
illness cannot be cured, it can only be controlled.  I am on a good 
combination of medications now but I still have some hypomania and 
depression, I still get hypomanic and anxiety attacks, and I can be a 
bit of an asshole.  On that last one I don't know if it is because I am 
bipolar or I am just an asshole. =)

I am very lucky as a Veteran of the United States Air Force to qualify 
for health care under the VA system, otherwise I would not be able to 
afford my medications.

I am a good person.

Have a nice day.


Bill Lindley wrote:
> Back to the topic, I am ready for a meeting.
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