[Phoenix-pm] bye Tony / Re: Doug Miles Strikes Back

Scott Walters scott at slowass.net
Fri May 28 12:46:16 PDT 2010

Hey all,

Insipid chatter that, as it draws you in, becomes more and more
confrontational and inappropriate has been a long standing pattern 
for Tony.  

He's slightly better in real life -- sometimes (and sometimes
worse).  He's far worse on IRC.  I've had him blocked in IRC
for quite some time now and don't miss him.  I write this so
you don't think me harsh, but if you start to feel uncomfortable
engaging him, please consider just blacklisting his email
address.  I'm doing this right now.  

Feel free to contact me off the list if you'd like more
some background on this.

Sorry for the disruption.


On  0, intertwingled <intertwingled at qwest.net> wrote:
> Would you please translate that to English?  Thanks in advance.
> Tony
> Scott Walters wrote:
> >I'm going to be pretty damn busy (missing sleep, in all likelihood)
> >leading up to YAPC.  Afterwards, if I survive, I'll certainly
> >report on it.  I also have a Lightning Talk from FrozenPerl that
> >mashes up Markov Chains, PPI, a genetic algorithm, and a patchset
> >to Test::Harness that adds support for floating point test results
> >so tests can return shades of grey rather than "ok"/"not ok".
> >Markov Chains are trained from PPI and diddled by the genetic
> >algorithm which uses the floating point test scores as a genetic
> >fitness test and you can go to the beach and sip pina coladas
> >while Perl writes your code for you.  That could easily fill
> >30 minutes ;)  But that would probably be after YAPC in
> >about four weeks here.
> >
> >-scott
> >
> >On  0, "Douglas E. Miles" <doug at veritablesoftware.com> wrote:
> >>Hi all!
> >>
> >>It's true. There has been a successful coup, I mean peaceful transfer of 
> >>power. :)
> >>
> >>Watch this list over the coming weeks for updates. I have some things I 
> >>need to get worked out on my end before I can get regular meetings 
> >>started again, but hopefuly they will be resolved soon. In the mean 
> >>time, we can start discussing presentation topics. Do you know something 
> >>you'd like to present? Is there a topic you don't know about that you'd 
> >>like to see someone else present?  Post to the list and I'll start 
> >>compiling. Here's to an active Phoenix.pm!
> >>
> >>On 05/27/2010 12:19 PM, Scott Walters wrote:
> >>>Hello peasants.  Please allow me to introduce your new King, the same
> >>>as your old King:  Doug Miles.
> >>>
> >>>Doug Miles has expressed interest to Brock and myself in coordinating
> >>>meetings once again and we were happy to oblige (least we be
> >>>assisinated in his power grab).
> >>>
> >>>This announcement is premature and unauthorized.  Meeting hosting
> >>>arrangements are still being sorted out, but I hope you all will
> >>>join me in eager awaiting what Doug has for us.
> >>>
> >>>Cheers,
> >>>-scott
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
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