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*** Stay Competitive & Save 40% ***

In times of trouble, communities pull together to help each other make
it through. This is one of those times. We want to help you take
advantage of the new opportunities that are being created by the
shifting economic landscape. Do you have what it takes to tackle tough
technical problems? To offer bold solutions? To provide businesses
with the expertise they need? Don't just survive, thrive.

Through April 1, we're offering our customers 40% off books, training,
courses, and Web 2.0 Expo.

* Books *
40% Off O'Reilly Books   	
 "No surprise that O'Reilly books helped me answer questions on a job
interview." -Leam Hall
Use code: SAVE40 - Offer ends 4/1/09
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* Training *
40% Off O'Reilly Training
Learn directly from the experts - live and in person.
Use code: SAVE40 - Offer ends 4/1/09
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* Courses *
40% Off Courses from O'Reilly School of Technology
"Ultimately, what I realized is that in losing my job, the O'Reilly
certificates have become even more valuable to me than when I was just
trying to enhance my skills." ŃMichael Jarosik
Use code: SAVE40 - Offer ends 4/1/09
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* Web 2.0 Expo *
40% Off Web 2.0 Expo Registration
"The O'Reilly conferences are the gold standard for drawing together a
critical mass of thought leaders." ŃSteve Gillmore
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