[Phoenix-pm] Perl Job in Scottsdale available

Mark Badolato mbadolato at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 23:17:57 PDT 2007

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to provide an update to this email, as
Scott and I have discussed this matter offline.  Please see below for

On 8/29/07, Scott Walters <scott at illogics.org> wrote:
> Okay, no more Incentive Logic posts here.

IL will gladly honor this request.  We thought it was appropriate for
local Perl people to receive this sort of notice, but since it was
deemed not to be by Scott, we will absolutely honor that.

> Maybe there's a reason for that.

Yes, a great reason! IL is growing larger and needs more team members!

> Beyond that, my day long stay there was extremely awkward, and now I'm
> supposed to be in charge of this group, I'm going to act selfishly and
> request that I no longer have to see job posts here.  And if anyone
> either associated with them or a neutral observer finds this email
> rude, say the word, and I'll be glad to dig up the "go away" email I got
> from them.

Regarding the above, I was very concerned about the treatment that
Scott received and I asked him for details so that I may find out who
acted inappropriately and make sure it did not happen ever again.

After a few very nice email exchanges between Scott and I, including
Scott sending me the "go away" email referenced above, it became
evident that the company in question was NOT Incentive Logic, but
another Scottsdale-based company (That started with the letter "I").
None of the people in the email exchange was, or ever had been a
member of the IL team, and Scott's own words in his email to the
company specifically named that company multiple times.  That company
was not IL.

In other words, it was an accidental mistaken identity.  It happens.
Given that other company's treatment of Scott in that email exchange,
I don't blame him in the least bit for having the reaction he did.  I
would be just as upset as he was.  However, given that there was a
mistaken identity there, I felt it appropriate that I at least send a
note to the list to clarify this, and "clear" Incentive Logic's name
in this situation, as IL had nothing to do with it.

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Scott for taking the
time out to exchange a few lengthy emails back and forth with me, and
helping me so that I could have prevented this situation from
happening again, had it actually been IL that created such a negative

Take care,
--mark badolato

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