[Phoenix-pm] OT: Divorce, Roommates Wanted - Gilbert, AZ

alexanderhenry at cox.net alexanderhenry at cox.net
Wed Jul 18 20:35:18 PDT 2007

CAREFUL!!  REPLY TO alexanderhenry at cox.net !!!!! 
I'm going through the big D, that means I can not afford what I live in.  But 
given that, I wanted to leverage an opportunity, to build my own geek and LAN 
friendly compound! 
I have three 10x10 rooms for rent in a spacious 2150sqft house whose floor plan 
makes it look much bigger than it is.  It's sparsely furnished, with an empty 
22x12 area just waiting for folding tables :) 
$500/mo plus share of utilities.  Gilbert Rd & Warner Rd., Gilbert, AZ. 
CAREFUL!!  REPLY TO alexanderhenry at cox.net !!!!!  with your contact information. 

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