[Phoenix-pm] Perl Job in Scottsdale available

Scott Walters scott at illogics.org
Wed Aug 29 22:27:04 PDT 2007

Okay, no more Incentive Logic posts here.  Every couple of months,
someone is recruiting for them here and they're all over jobs.perl.org.
Maybe there's a reason for that.

Beyond that, my day long stay there was extremely awkward, and now I'm 
supposed to be in charge of this group, I'm going to act selfishly and
request that I no longer have to see job posts here.  And if anyone
either associated with them or a neutral observer finds this email
rude, say the word, and I'll be glad to dig up the "go away" email I got
from them.


On  0, Mark Badolato <mbadolato at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> A few months back, there was mention on this list that there was a
> recruiter posting a gig in Scottsdale on the jobs.perl.org board.  I
> believe one of my coworkers (David Sinck) chimed in to the thread in
> response to a question.
> Anyway, we (the actual company, Incentive Logic, not a recruiter) have
> brought one person on board and are looking for one more.  The
> position is 40 hours a week, contract to hire.
> If anyone is interested (or knows of other Perl peeps who may be),
> details of the position are up at:
> http://jobs.perl.org/job/6595
> Resumes and code samples (nothing extravagant needed; just something
> to demonstrate your Perl-fu) may be sent to
> perljobs at incentivelogic.com, where they will reach me and David Sinck
> (amongst others).
> Take care,
> Mark Badolato
> Senior Developer,
> Incentive Logic, Inc.
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